This month, Mrs. Polly Brinker pours into our ladies with a wonderful word from John 15:18-16:4. Mrs. Polly speaks life into our ladies as she tackles the tough topic of persecution of the church and Christians throughout history and around the world today.

Thrive is a monthly gathering of the ladies in our church and in our community. Our desire is to foster the relationships and special bonds between women and to cultivate a culture of Godly women who are serving the church, their families, and the community in a Gospel centered way. We invite all women to come and be a part of our gatherings and to experience worship, teaching, and group prayer time with other women who seek to push back darkness in this world.

As always, our hope and prayer is that this audio blesses you in a very special way, but would never be the substitute for the church body and elders that are meant to be pouring into you. We would love for you to visit us one Sunday morning promptly at 10:30 at our Wardville Campus at 1295 Bayou Marie Road in Pineville, Louisiana. For more information about our church and our body, please visit our website at

We pray blessings upon you!

The TGP Wardville Community

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