Archive for May 2013

5-31-13 Daily Worship

Laurie Lopez leads with Kevin this morning!

5-28-13 Daily Worship

As we worship together today, may our theology (knowledge of God) propel our doxology (praise of God).

Worship 5-26-13

An excerpt from our corporate worship on May 26th, 2013.

5-27-13 Daily Worship

Laurie Lopez joins Kevin for this 1st returning podcast!

Message 5-26-13

Glen finishes out the series on the Kingdom of God this morning in Matthew 7:15-27.

Revive Me

A new song serving as a cry for revival and renewal, both for us individually and as a church.

Message 5-19-13

Glen shares out of Matthew 7:12-14 this morning.

Message 5-12-13

Glen shares out of Matthew 7:7-11 this morning.

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